Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How can we shower with less water and energy?

Nobody loves a long hot shower more than I do, but recently we had concerns about the amount of water and energy being used.  So, I started looking for a more sustainable way and found several good ways to conserve water, conserve energy, and reduce costs. 

First, let's take a look at issues are involved with taking showers.  Every time I take a shower, the water has to be pumped to my house, heated by the water heater, sent to the shower, and then drained from my house to a water treatment plant to be purified.  It takes energy for the mechanical systems to pump the water, heat the water, treat the water - and whether or not I see an itemized bill, we are paying for those systems.

So, I wanted to pay less while conserving water and energy... but how? We became aware of our options and chose simple solutions that we can implement and maintain long term. In next few posts, we will discuss various options and explain how we put sustainable practices to use in our home.