Saturday, February 6, 2010

What does "sustainable" mean anyway?

To live a sustainable lifestyle means arranging your day-to-day activities around systems and processes you can maintain without endangering yourself, your family, or the environment. This concept includes everything from managing land and natural resources to choosing healthy food to recycling raw materials to reducing waste and stress factors. It is a lifestyle that allows you to prosper in ways that matter - both on a personal and global level.

Once we began making sustainable choices, we became aware that a sustainable lifestyle is more than just a decision about a random organic purchase or recycling effort, it became the driving force in decision-making process across all aspects of our life.  We are so excited about this lifestyle change that we want to share our experiences and get others involved.  We want to bring sustainable solutions to the beautiful Texas Hill Country, to Houston folks, and to anyone else that will listen.

Here is one simple example of how we have decided to go green.  We try to buy food that is locally grown, organic, and seasonal whenever possible. This means we prefer to eat broccoli that is only grown within a 200 mile radius, without chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and was harvested in cool weather. This may seem like a simple decision to make, but until you have researched chemical pesticides and fertilizers you may not realize how severely harmful that non-organic crispy green vegetable could be to your family. Until you taste test broccoli picked yesterday from a local farm and compare that to broccoli that was shipped a week ago from a cold location during August, you will not know how truly sweet, fresh, nutritious, and delicious the locally and seasonally grown vegetable can be.

On a global level, if everyone purchased locally grown vegetables and nobody trucked produce from across the country or from another country, how much fossil fuel could we avoid using?  How much pollution could we reduce?  Think about how the demand for produce from nearby farmers would boost the local economy. 

So eat your broccoli, but only when locally grown, organic, and seasonal.

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