Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Wildlife to Balance the Eco-System

In order to create a more balanced eco-system, we need to bring in more wildlife or remove some wildlife. When possible, I choose to bring in more. Welcome to "managing wildlife 101".

A balanced environment is a sustainable environment. Balanced means variety.

Rather than spray the garden to kill aphids, I just buy more ladybugs. Yes, you can buy these friendly little ladies (and men too) at plant nurseries or order online. Buying them is a short term solution. Seeding plants that ladybugs prefer for laying eggs is a way to perpetuate the cycle. In a balanced environment, if the ladybug population start to become a nuisance, then the birds will take care of the excess. Viola! Balance.

Here's another example, any hunter knows that an overabundance of deer will result in underfed, malnourished, and sickly deer. A balanced number of deer per acre will result in larger, fatter, tastier deer. A drought could lower the amount of natural food for deer and could again result in less quality and quantity of meat. Mineral blocks along with supplemental corn and grains could be implemented to compensate, but those options can be costly. A better choice would be to improve the area with irrigated food plots. Bringing in more lifeforms that will maintain themselves would be more time and money efficient. Build the soil so that more water will be stored naturally in the ground.

When planting evergreens, perennial varieties, and varieties that self-seed, natural cycles are created by attracting a wider variety of lifeforms in the air, on the plants, and in the soil.

So you see, bringing in more is a good thing!

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