Friday, January 6, 2012

Deciding Factors for this Sustainable Cabin Project

There are many green choices in today's market. The trick is not finding one sustainable product/method, but rather, deciding on only one choice for each phase of the project. For us, there were several guiding principles that led us towards our decisions for this small cabin project. 

• Comfort is key. We want to spend weeks at a time in this cabin. We need a comfortable space to bathe and sleep. This is a get-away, a place to slow down, not a command station.

• Preserve wildlife habitat and build outdoor areas to enjoy the scenery.

• The building should appear organic, as if it sprouted out of the hillside. There's no need for ornamentation to compete with the natural beauty of the location. 

• Build small using quality materials. We want this cabin to last a long time. 

• Climate control is important. The Texas Hill Country weather can be brutal, and we need a place that will heat/cool quickly and as naturally as possible. Passive solar designs and sun orientation are  key to climate controlled interior spaces.

• Leave nothing to waste. So much material is wasted in conventional construction, and we want to reuse materials on other projects. 
• Use as many sustainable solutions as possible for collecting water, heating water, natural climate control, limiting energy usage, reuse resources, and so many more. 
• Design and build it ourselves as much as possible. We were drawn to small and simple designs. 
• Keep it within budget. 
We've spent the last six years researching and designing this cabin.  We are so excited to be starting this process and sharing it with you.

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