Friday, January 6, 2012

Discussing Sustainability

I have a corporate job and my employer has a department dedicated to sustainability, and, not surprisingly, I have had some pretty interesting conversations with the good folks in that department about how to green commercial buildings across the US. 

However, the most surprising sustainability conversations I've had with colleagues have been within the Information Technology group (the department I am in). I thought I was the oddball, balancing technology and green natural ways at the same time, but come to find out, many of the people within my own department have been grappling with the same concerns, such as: how can we produce our own healthy food? How can we build houses without toxins that are also easy on the environment and without waste? How can we prepare ourselves to lead our families through emergencies such as hurricanes or electrical outages? How can we conserve fresh water? 

It seems that almost once a week I run into someone I've known or someone new that has similar interests, like preserving food, producing our own food, energy conservation, and more.  Just this week, while at a local organic raw dairy, I met a lady that was interested in my sauerkraut and asked me to teach a class. 

There are many factors in causing such agreement among different people. Many of my colleagues and acquaintances have been shaken up by the extended economic recession, national debt crisis, and occupied wall street movement. Here in Texas, with our ongoing drought, some of my neighbors have asked, only half-jokingly, "of course, it will rain again, right?".  I hate to sound like a weirdo by mentioning the Mayan calendar and 2012, but.... whether prediction or coincidence, it is hard to ignore the evidence of climate change. People are becoming aware and coming together to talk about the issues and how we can work through it. 

So, as I was saying recently, previous post, many people are looking for natural ways to live, not just exist in the daily grind, but how to live well. If we work together, honing traditional skills, sharing knowledge and experience, we will get through these uncertain times of today and tomorrow. 

check out what how Transwestern is making sustainability headlines.
Transwestern is Sustainable

I bet you didn't know how closely connected you are to the commercial building you work.
  • Did you know that in the US, the biggest contributor to our landfills is new conventional building construction waste?
  • Did you know that only 3% of the earth's water is not salty and available to be purified for drinking purposes?
  • Did you know that changing to energy conserving light bulbs can save a ton of money for the company that owns the building?
  • Did you know that 80% of the commercial buildings in the US are owned by retirement funds? (So those light bulb savings in your building can directly affect your retirement.)

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