Thursday, July 5, 2012

Time for a downsize

As it always does, summer came quickly this year. After a spring illness that lingered to May and business travel that left me tired, I found myself late, late, late on important tasks. Time for spring cleaning came and went and yet was not done. Had little time for fun or family. Burdened by the things to clean, things to prepare, things to store, things to buy, things to reorganized, things to mend, and then I realized that I was tired of things.

Not all things, but many objects - the do-dads, thing-ma-jigs, and specialties that I've sought, found, and kept. In my twenties, these were visual clues of who I imagined myself to be. In my early thirties, my collections grew large and diversified into complex prisms. Now, at almost 40, these things were holding me back, crushing me, limiting me, defining the space where I live and smothering my creativity as if they were shackles on my wrists and blinders over my eyes.

These things have to go.

So it is that season for me - downsizing. After several months of removing the items that cluttered my home and life and ideas, I can breathe again. I can imagine. Thank you, Lord, for this new perspective. Now, I can focus on important matters, matters of life and love and joy and possibilities.

Part of the sustainability journey for me is finding ways to live that will promote health and happiness, that will sustain my body and soul long term. Downsizing, decluttering, spring cleaning, or whatever you call it is a good solution for me at this time in my life.

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