Saturday, January 26, 2013

Is Downsizing Simpler?

Is downsizing simpler?  Overall, for us, the answer has been yes - our lives are simpler now.  Our downsizing efforts have allowed us to live a more utilitarian lifestyle; one that allows form to follow function with beauty in simplicity.

Like the native plants, its form is based on its function.  In our arid region, its leaves hold water.  This plant is smaller than the palm of my hand, but it is simple and beautiful.

A simpler wardrobe, owning and maintaining less, removing clutter, and living in a smaller place has been refreshing. There's just less stuff distracting me.  I think living in a small town again, with friendly courteous people, has made an impact on me as well. Also, I've always loved the outdoors and this change allows me to spend more time outside with my husband. 

This short term apartment lease is helping us to define how small we can go in the future.  We wanted a place that was comfortable and could be cleaned quickly. We wanted to be able to be able to leave for the day or the week without worries.  That's a pretty short list of requirements, but this is a temporary arrangement for us while we plan our next house.  So far, we are  enjoying the change.

Remember, sustainability is based on what you can sustain.  Downsizing and sustainable living have many common goals.  The question that we ask ourselves is:  how small and simple can we go and still sustain a lifestyle that meets our needs and makes us happy?

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