Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scrub Jays, Cardinals, Titmouse, and Porcupines Oh My!

We see all kinds of wildlife on our trail camera.  

These pics were taken some time ago. They are mostly the native birds of central Texas.  Here in the Hill Country, we have some of the same birds you see everywhere in the south, like cardinals and mockingbirds.  We also see some really pretty birds like the painted bunting.  

In addition to the birds, we also capture night mammals such as raccoons and porcupines.

We'll be putting up that trail cam again soon, and hopefully we'll get some pics and videos of baby birds.

We strive to provide a wildlife habitat for the native bird species in central Texas.  That means we encourage natural ecosystems to thrive.  We maintain bird feeders, water stations, and bird houses across 30 acres.  We try to preserve natural nesting and feeding habitats, such as native brush, dead trees, and a variety of trees in shapes and sizes.  (See our previous post about our wildlife management.)

Scrub Jays

Scrub Jays are native to the southern Texas Hill Country. They are large, loud birds, often described as rowdy and territorial.  They are also quite bold and beautiful.  In recent years, their numbers have decreased and are now only seen south of the 1-10 corridor.


Cardinals are seen all over the south. They are usually seen as a pair.  Like most jays, with cardinals, both parents feed and care for the young.  Females and young males often have brown/gray feathers.  Adult males always have bright red feathers with a black face mask.  The cardinal's crest can be lifted or lowered - up means curious or aggressive, lowered means tentative or submission.  

Because of the size and solid coloring, this is probably an adult female.

These two youngsters below are landing.  I love seeing the shadow under them.

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