Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cedar and Steel Fencing are Sustainable Options

When you live in the country, you need fencing.  

Original cedar post fence. Installed more at least 30 years ago.
Original cedar post fence.
Fencing protects your property from poachers, thieves  and day hikers, to keep your dog home, to keep your livestock where you want them to graze.  If you live in the country, sooner or later, you will be ready for a fence.  

So what are the options for a sustainable fence?  Well, that depends on your fencing needs.  There are less expensive options and more expensive options.  There's fencing with small openings or large openings. Large gates, small gates, no gates.  Strong fencing and weak fencing.  And lots of opens for fence posts too.  Temporary or permanent.  So many decisions!  Just the process of understanding what we needed was a research project in and of itself.  

After trying to build it ourselves and talking with neighbors, we realized that we didn't know as much about building a fence as we originally thought.  It was humbling.  That's when we met a local expert, Jesse Govea, the owner of Govea Cedar Clearing and Fencing in Center Point, TX.  Jesse has run the business for more than a decade. He was knowledgeable and friendly, and he helped us design the fence we really needed.  He came out to our property and gave us great advice, "here's what I would do....".  

Govea Cedar Clearing and Fencing


Govea Cedar Clearing and Fencing.  Cedar posts, Recycled Steel Posts, Welding, Cedar Clearing, and more.

Jesse was able shake some common misconceptions for us. For example, since we have a lot of cedar here (it's invasive!) and since we see a lot of cedar fencing, that is what we started to do. Heck, anyone can cut down a cedar tree, dig a hole, and use that tree trunk as a fence post, right?  Well sure, but Jesse explained how labor intensive it is to install and maintain cedar fencing.  "If you are going to spend that much money and time on it, you might as well build a steel fence that will last forever and give you more of what you want."  Really?  hmmm... I assumed a steel fence would be so expensive it would be out of question.  Not so.  

Now why would a guy that sells cedar fence posts recommend a steel fence?  Well, he knows that some people don't need a fence lasts forever and for that, cedar post fences are just fine.  But for the farmer that needs a stronger fence, one that will last for 20-30 years, Jesse has the resources to build that too. 

(Jesse also provides cedar clearing, welding, and gate building, as well as a number of other services.)
garden fence. deer proof.  varmint proof.  strong fences are sustainable. tall fences keep out deer.  steel fencing last a long time.
our new fence, the gate being installed

We took Jesse up on his offer to build the fence we really needed.  He built us a great fence around our garden.   It's tall enough to keep the deer and exotic antelopes out.  It is strong enough to stop wild boar from ramming through it.  The fencing holes are small enough to keep out most small varmints.  And on top of it all, it is built to last.  Thanks to Jesse and his crew, our fence will serve us for a long time.  

Jesse is running a business that serves our local community with a valuable service and he does it with integrity.  Depending on the number of projects he has going, he employs anywhere from 10-40 local employees - that's putting money back into our communities.  And on the green side of things, he uses recycled steel.  Now, that's a sustainable local business model.  

As I have in past posts, I encourage you to support your local economy by paying for products and services provided by the people in your community.

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