Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Porcupine, squirrel, quail, chipping sparrow, and titmouse

More trail cam photos!  Native wildlife

We encourage sustainable wildlife management practices.  As part of our practice, we use a trail camera that automatically takes photos and videos so that we can monitor wildlife activity.  This helps to know which song birds are eating the bird seed vs suet. What animals are taking most of the corn?  the scrub jays, deer, or feral hogs?  It allows us to change our management plan from year to year.  In years when we see feral hogs on our trail camera, we have focused on feral hog hunting.  Lucky for us, this spring, we've only seen song birds and a few varmints.  And we don't mind the varmints much as long as they aren't degrading the property or running off the rest of the wildlife.

For starters, the cute little titmouse. 

titmouse is a native texas song bird

titmouse is a native texas song bird

Quail, probably bob-whites

native texas quail. bob white quail

a group of quail is called a coven.  you rarely see one quail alone.

Chipping Sparrows have a red mohawk. They are cute and they "fuss" at you when you get too close. 
chipping sparrow.  native texas bird
Chipping Sparrow

We have a few different types of squirrels.  This one is a fox squirrel. We've also seen the common gray squirrel and the more rare black squirrel.  There's also the Mexican black rock squirrel.  Some folks say the two black kinds are the same and other argue they are two different species.  I dunno.  They are both interesting to watch.
curious fox squirrel
Curious Fox Squirrel

And here, last but not least - the bane of Roscoe's existence - the porcupine.  Poor Roscoe, our neighbor's dog is a boxer and a big lovable guy.  And, he just cant resist the porcupines!  Although he always regrets it.  So it is....  :)
native Texas porcupine
Native Texas Porcupine

More trail cam photos to come.... check back soon.

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