Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Busy with Early Summer Tasks

With the spring hanging on until May and then the May rains, we have been busy as bees!  Our sustainable projects are moving right along.

Using permaculture concepts and water saving strategies, we planted our vegetable garden in early spring along with lots of cover/green manure crops.  Wow, the garden is growing like crazy now.  We've picked peas, kale, spinach, cucumbers, dill, cilantro, collards, radishes, and other stuff as well.  Some of the radishes bolted already, but that's okay, we've decided we like the spicy, crunchy, green seed pods.

Free Range Chickens, Production Reds

And we aren't the only ones enjoying the fresh organic produce.  Our goats and chickens have had their share as well.  I'm glad we planted lots of cover crops - enough for the animals too. 

Our two baby goats are growing up.  The youngest will need a bottle for another week or so.  They are both so cute.  Still lots of playful running and dancing going on over here. 

Back in April, we brought home two adult goats as well.  Both are also Nubian dairy goats.  They are beautiful animals.  So, we hope to breed them in the fall.  We are looking forward to having baby goats and lots of raw milk.

The two livestock guardian dogs are growing so quickly.  It's hard to remember that even though they are 40 lbs, they are still only 3 months old; they still very immature and full of tail-chasing tomfoolery.  We have started putting them out in the paddock with the goats during the day.  They love having all the room to run and play. 

In the midst of all that, we've also seen lots of wildlife.  Oh the songbirds love the early summer and you can tell by all the songs they sing.  The hummingbirds and butterflies are finding the wildflowers that we seeded earlier this year.  We've seen jackrabbits and cotton tails nibbling the spring greenery.  We spotted two new born baby deer one day and several times we have seen deer in our pastures.  A few foxes have popped out in front of our path. While driving though town one evening we saw a coyote. A pair of hawks have been circling the areas lately.  In the pond, we've seen turtles, dragonflies, and minnows. We've seen a couple of garter snakes crossing the caliche road - one of them right in front of us.  In the evening, we hear frogs and crickets and locusts singing their own version of "love me tender", and it is music to our ears.

All in all, it has been wonderful to experience the change of seasons.  It has been a very busy spring, and I suspect our summer will be just as busy.

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